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Automate Your School

Improve the functioning of your school and make it fully paperless by consolidating data based on different locations, departments, classes, sections & subjects.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Whether you are the Institution Head or a Teacher, you have complete access to tools on NOWOI that will help you identify the areas of improvement for each classes, sections, subjects, or students.

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Advance Academics

Complete statistical information for each class, section or subject based on various academical activities.

Lesson Plans

Lets your teaching staff record the lessons or chapters related to each Subject during an academic year and follow-up on it.

Homework & Assignments

Allows your teaching staff to create Homework & to monitor the Homework digitally with notification.

Marklist Management

Lets you generate mark lists or report card in an eye-catching format that can be viewed by anyone authorized to view them.

Timetable & Events

Allows you to schedule your regular class periods, various institutional related events or exam or test schedules.

Attendance System

Marking of attendance on a daily basis records not only the students class hours, but also records the hours spent by teachers.

Parents-Teachers Meeting

Teaching Staffs of your institution can now setup Parents-Teachers meeting on NOWOI, mark attendances and record reviews for the meeting.

Finance Management

Your Finance team when logged in to NOWOI as a Finance Officer can document all types of Fees, Assets, Liabilities, Shares, Incomes and Expenses.

Library Management

You can create different libraries, manage books in each of these libraries, assign books to users who borrow them and follow up with them.

Inventory Management

When you add a store item it is linked to a store, this allows you to follow up on items that flow in and out of your store.

School Cabinet

If you intend to conduct internal school election, student contestants apply to contest for roles that are created.

Transport System

NOWOI Transport system allows you to manage transport routes, pickup & drop points and assign travelers to specific routes.

SMS Notifications

Allows schools, location, departments, classes, sections to proactively contact their parents through text messaging.


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House System

The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride allowing positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers.


Provides 2-way secure messaging feature allowing communicating between students, teachers, employees or Institution Head.

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Improve Performances

Once you have indentified the areas of improvement using the tools provided by NOWOI, you an easily narrow down on areas of improvement. This results in spearheading your Institution towards success and growth.

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Real-time Statistics

You get the complete statistical information for each class, section or subject based on various academical activities. If your school has multiple departments or multiple locations, then you can compare performances between different departments or different locations.

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